Jones-Neitzel Co.

1927 Westridge Dr.
Irving, TX 75038

Phone: (214) 526-2876

Fax: (214) 522-0091

With Offices in:

Lubbock, TX

Austin, TX

San Antonio, TX

Houston, TX


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Brad McCauley


Robert Baker


Lisa Ferrell

Account Executive

Don Hargesheimer

Account Executive

Joe Tompkins - K-12 Specialist

Account Executive

John Sellers

Account Executive

Austin Baker

Account Executive

Chris Carter

Account Executive - Central Texas (San Antonio Area)

Tony Kinkade

Account Executive - Central Texas (Austin Area)

Dan Gross

Account Executive - Houston

JP Wilson

Account Executive - West Texas

Jennifer Washburn

Office Manager

Tiffanie Marshall

Admin Assistant

Lidia Tesche

Admin Assistant

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Jones-Neitzel Co.

1927 Westridge Dr.   T: 214-526-2876

Irving, TX 75038     F: 214-522-0091